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Volcano 3 Collapsible w/ Propane is the perfect companion in the Outdoors or in an Emergency. This stove works with Propane, Charcoal or Wood; giving you many options of how to cook. It collapses down to 5" for easy transport and storage. It can be used to grill, bake, fry, heat, boil, smoke or Dutch oven. It is the most Versatile, Portable, and Efficient stove on the market. Ideal for Camping or Emergency Preparedness.

  • 3-Fuel: propane, charcoal, wood
  • Collapses down to 5"
  • Highly efficient
  • The best selling Emergency Preparedness Stove
  • Camp, Tailgate, RV, Picnics, Self-sufficiency

Customer Reviews

Volcano 3 is now my favorite grill Review by Plane Jane

I purchased the Volcano 3 to include with my 'Bug-Out' gear and took it car-camping a few times to test it. It was quickly promoted to being used as my home grill also. I've used it with both lump charcoal and propane. Making an excellent three course meal for four people is no problem at all with this grill.

A few notes:
Clean and oil the grill as soon as it cools off. Otherwise you will be working with a bag of rust. It needs to be treated with the same respect you give your knives.

Invest in the propane valve adapter even if you don't plan to need it. It has turned out to be very helpful to be able to use other people's fuel in exchange for cooking services.

Flexible skewers (mine are FireWire) are also very valuable on a round grill. Get twice as many as you think you need. Fruit kabobs have been a big hit for dessert.

The Volcano Lid is only for very low heat. If you're going to use 15 briquettes and bake a cake or a casserole, it's fine. Otherwise, forget it. You'll burn it.

If you are GRILLING, do NOT be stingy with the charcoal. Load it up and wait for it to settle to the right temperature as you would with any grill. Low heat and lids are for baking. You can bake fish. You can bake birds. You don't bake red meat if you want a satisfying meal.

(Posted on 12/16/14)

The Only Stove You Need Review by Rosco

We bought this since we have a preparedness plan which consists of at least 6 months of food supplies and other necessities should something terrible occur. Our hardest is having enough water, but we are continuing to work on that too.

This stove will use operate with wood, charcoal, or propane. This is the Volcano 3 which means 3 methods for fire. Just realize that this stove is also sold as a 2, and that is WITHOUT the propane option.
As little as 15 briquettes will provide very nice heat for a couple steaks. It does not require a lot of wood to accomplish the same heat.

I totally recommend the Volcano 3.

(Posted on 11/26/14)

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