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“I help families and communities become prepared for natural and manmade disasters.”

Since 2007, David Morris has been providing families with an invaluable gift—the feeling of security in their own homes. These days, that’s something you just can’t take for granted. “I had a personal need to get my family prepared to survive natural and manmade disasters in a typical suburban house,” remembers David. “We didn’t know anyone with a rural retreat, and couldn’t afford our own. So I contacted more than 30 friends (and friends of friends)—mostly from the Special Operations community—and developed the Survive in Place course to help our family, friends, and eventually over 30,000 others learn how to ride out disasters where they currently live.”


Over the last couple of years, businesses have flooded the market with complete junk that I consider, in some cases, to be dangerous. When Preppers buy sub-standard items from these vendors, it taints their view of all of the other businesses in the market moving forward. It has been a continual challenge for me to help good people get prepared in light of all of this additional noise in the market.”

For David, work means much more than keeping an eye on the bottom line. For him, he’s aware of the life and death nature of his work, and while he may own the company, he’s always trying to honor a higher power. “I know that I’ll stand before God and answer for what I did with my life, the treasures I was trusted with, and how I treated others,” he states. “I want people to be more relaxed through the day and sleep better at night knowing--not thinking--that they’re more prepared for natural and manmade threats.”