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Nebraska Star Beef

Nebraska Star Beef
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"Today we’re a substantial company…we’re probably the 2nd or 3rd largest feeding operation in Nebraska, yet we’re a family owned, family operated, family-oriented company. We don’t ever want to lose the high integrity of our product. There’s no substitution for high quality."

The folks at Nebraska Star Beef are as passionate about producing the very best beef as you are about putting it on your family’s table. “We feed our cows 30 to 45 days longer than other producers, and that gives us bigger cows and increases the meat’s tenderness,” boasts Dale Klute, Nebraska Star’s owner. “Plus, we age all our steaks about 30 days, which creates a more tender, juicier steak. Really, it’s very hard to compare what we do to anyone else. We’re not doing something that others in the beef industry couldn’t do. I just believe that we do it better.”


It’s a brand of dedication that only comes from decades of doing business where the cows are cared for as much as the customers, and there’s never a shortcut taken—from their fields to your plate, they do everything the hard way and the right way. Nebraska Star Beef only produces USDA Choice and Higher Natural Angus beef, and they take great pride in delivering consistent quality and the best customer service in their industry. Plus, their “Pure Promise™” guarantees that their beef is free of hormones, steroids and antibiotics.

Whether it’s a steak, their Angus/Wagyu Fusion™ burgers or their addictive (trust us—we know) U.S. made, 100% natural beef jerky, one taste and you’ll be hooked!