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Lynsi O'Dell of Coconut Rain

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If driving isn’t for you, NASCAR Racing Experience will let you ride along in a real NASCAR race car while riding shotgun. This is the closest thing to being an actual professional driver and at only $64 you get 50% off with this limited time Voucher sale. Experience 3-laps at speeds you need to feel to believe. Buckle up and hold on tight while you get to experience the real NASCAR for only $64!
Behind the Business
The idea for NASCAR was born in 1948 when racing fan and mechanic William France Sr. saw a chance to improve how fans consumed the disorganized, fledgling sport. His innovation led to huge growth and now millions of fans to enjoy the sport they (and he) love. In that same spirit of innovation and love of racing, the folks behind The NASCAR Racing Experience had a vision to bring the sport even closer to fans -- and now a sport that millions of fans have enjoyed in their living rooms for years can be experienced first-hand in the very cars once driven by their favorite drivers. It's the quintessential American story - ordinary, hardworking individual with an extraordinary idea that reaches countless people. Does it get any better than that? (Yeah - out on the track!)
Riders under 18 must have parental waiver signed and must be 5ft tall and 100lbs minimum.

Vouchers expire 12/31/2015

Up to 5 vouchers per person

Normal merchant policies apply.