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“I honestly feel that God wants me to help veterans and to also inspire others to start businesses that will be even more successful than our own.”

I come from a family of small business owners,” says Thomas Carey, the force behind Minuteman Watches. “My father was always selling items as a sideline to supplement his regular income. My father and I share the belief that it's wise to have multiple income streams--you don't put your eggs in one basket. So while I have a full time job in the auto business, it’s that thinking...his wisdom...that led to my online retail site.”



“My wife is permanently disabled,” shares Thomas, “and we have a very modest income. Despite that, we wanted to do something to help America's true heroes--our veterans. We also wanted to create a new American brand that we hope provides work for Americans and for the small businesses that supply us. For every watch Minuteman sells, 25% of the profit will go to a charity that assists veterans and their families. Proceeds from the 1st production will go to The Gary Sinise Foundation. We hope people will be inspired by our effort to raise money for vets and that they will never forget the sacrifice made by those who serve our great country.” As Thomas puts it on his Web site, “We pay salaries to American workers. We pay taxes. We support other efforts to keep the flame of Liberty and the American Dream alive, so we ask all of our fellow Patriots to answer the call to help make America great once again.”

What else sets the Minuteman Watch apart? Its American-designed, assembled and tested in the U.S., and the warranty repair is also done in the U.S. It’s worn by a number of soldiers in 5th Special Forces Group. And most notably, it’s made with the attention to precision, quality, design, and durability that’s inspired by the needs of the most demanding military and civilian customers. It’s the kind of watch that “watch guys” crave.

“It was crucial to me that our logo appears on the dial of all our watches,” asserts Thomas. “I hope that every time the wearer looks at their Minuteman, they will think of the long and proud history of our American military. I also hope it reminds them of our country’s beginning, and the sacrifice our Founding Fathers made. We are creating a new American brand.”