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Jeanine Gantt of Charleston Soap Chef

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Madison Root, an 11 year old girl from Oregon, had gathered enough mistletoe from her uncle’s farm to sell at the Saturday Market in Portland last weekend. She thought the location was perfect — a public area overflowing with patrons, vendors, booths, beggars and more. But Root and her father were soon asked by a security guard to stop selling because of city ordinance bans. Madison was told she could “beg” for donations instead.

Madison’s response? She’d rather “Work for something.”

The Marketplace by TheBlaze is proud to offer Madison’s Mistletoe to help support her dream of being a successful entrepreneur.

Madison’s Mistletoe is hand cut and hand packaged by 11 year old Madison herself, fresh from her uncle’s farm in Oregon. The mistletoe is packaged in shrink wrap, tied with a bow and collected regularly to remain fresh. With this mistletoe package, you’ll support an entrepreneur passionately fighting for her own American dream. You’ll receive 2 farm fresh mistletoe and support someone who exemplifies what America is all about.

Of the story, Madison said, “It’s just awesome; I feel that we can get people to stop begging and start working. People should be able to work for money. People should be able to try hard to make a living!”
Behind the Business
Madison wanted to help pay for her braces (the complete job is $6060) so she decided to sell mistletoe. Madison understands that the Saturday Market, World Market and Skidmore market (three markets that sort of blend into one another with a fountain park in the middle of them all) are for vendors paying for space. However, the Skidmore fountain area is considered a public park and is always full of musicians, acrobats, singers, jugglers and a whole lot of people flat out begging for money. Madison was selling her bags of mistletoe right next to a drummer who was asking for tips and a small group of people raising money for pot. (In fact, their sign said "Got Pot?") Madison was asked to leave the park by a patrol person who worked for Pacific Patrol Services hired by the various markets.

They said that Madison is welcomed to give away her mistletoe, but not sell it or even ask for a donation of any type. Asking for a donation would qualify as selling it. The patrol person said that the 250 feet rule is enforced but people can flat out beg in the park. Begging is considered free speech.

When the patrol officer told her that she could beg for the money for her braces Madison's face went blank. "Why do they support begging and not work dad? Everyone is going to grow up expecting a handout instead of working hard for what they want."

Madison is insisting on working for what she wants and now is pledging to take her message to everyone. This morning she said, "I want to help others understand that if they set a goal and work hard they can accomplish anything. But it takes work!"
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