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Georgia Chair Company

Georgia Chair Company
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Our Story

Our faith in God has allowed this business to be viable for these 100 years. This is His will for our family, and He has made it possible for us to continue for three generations.

Since 1914 when Georgia Chair was founded, many things have changed, but at Georgia Chair their pride in craftsmanship and quality is a standard that never will. They’ve been family owned and operated since the beginning, a fact that is largely responsible for their consistent commitment to excellence and their success over the years. Next year, Georgia Chair will celebrate 100 years in business. Today, Harry Bagwell II is the third generation of the Bagwell family to run the company, and he continues to infuse into his employees the importance of quality and doing the job right. “It is important for me to know that there is something still being manufactured in this country, providing jobs and fueling this economy in a very tangible way,” Harry says proudly. “Our customers love the quality of our products and how long they last. We recently had a customer bring in a rocker to be refurbished that his parents had purchased 66 years ago!”



Georgia Chair uses solid Southern Red Oak to manufacture their line of furniture, and all of it comes from within a 300-mile radius of Georgia Chair. The oak’s reddish, fine-grained heartwood makes beautiful flooring and furniture. Because the tree is slow growing, it develops a very high-density fiber. And, once the wood is transformed into an attractive piece of furniture, it is not affected by weather or climate change.

Harry’s “family tradition” is a manufacturing process that blends old fashioned, hand crafted methods of wood working with modern industrial techniques. New, state of the art machinery enables him to produce time-proven mortise and tenon joints faster and more accurately than ever before. You can rest assured that every piece of heirloom quality furniture you buy from Georgia Chair is a product of hard work, quality materials, and American know-how. That is why Harry and his company know you will be satisfied, and why they’ve been manufacturing high quality, solid oak furniture since 1914.