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Lynsi O'Dell of Coconut Rain

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If you’re in the market for a canning set, you won’t find a better deal than this! The handy 20-quart canning stockpot comes complete with a cover and elevated rack in beautiful stainless steel. Though this set is normally offered for $499, by ordering from The Marketplace you’ll receive 70% off the original price! For just $149.00, you’ll have a canning stockpot that will be a gorgeous addition to any avid canner. This is the perfect product for storing fruits, vegetables and all your canning needs! What makes this item great are the stay-cool handles, TempAlert knob that designates the proper temperature, energy efficient base, and lifetime warranty. Take advantage of this great deal while it lasts.
Behind the Business
Founded in 1979, Lake Industries is a Third Generation Family Owned Company. With a company mantra of “Value is Vital” Lake Industries believes their products should be delivered to customers in an informative, affordable manner. As one of the largest suppliers of health related products for kitchen and home in Western America, Lake Industries knows a thing or two about providing valuable products. With a focus on healthy eating, drinking and breathing for over 30 years, Lake Industries is a company you can trust. In addition to phenomenal products, Lake Industries is known for their unmatched customer satisfaction.