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The Fibersoft Pillow features two separate comfort zones. An ergonomically designed, Poly-Flex support is hand-positioned in a secure interior compartment and the pillow is filled with the softest down alternative fiber for the ultimate sleeping experience. The standard sized pillow measures 20 x 26 inches. These pillows are fitted with either a size 4 or size 5 support. Size 4 is ideal for those that sleep on their back or side while the Size 5 is primarily for side sleepers.
NOTE:   The size 4 is usually enough for most people and is gentle enough to give support without being overwhelming.  However, if you need a firmer support or you are a side sleeper, the size 5 will likely be a better choice.

Limited availability.

  • PF Pillows can benefit anyone who uses an ordinary sleep pillow.
  • Designed like a traditional bed pillow, but with the added advantage of great neck support while you sleep.
  • Each pillow is hand-crafted and individually inspected and has a dual layer of fabric with double stitching to ensure quality and durability.
  • The Fibersoft Pillow is based on the design of our original pillow, The PF Pillow, but incorporates a synthetic fill material in place of traditional feathers. The cluster fiber fill provides exceptionally similar characteristics to down feathers while significantly reducing the likelihood of allergy related symptoms.