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"I believe you should run your business and treat your customers as you would your good friends - with kindness, integrity and honor.”

Emergency Go Bags is an independent and customer-oriented company started by Claudia Wolfkind. Facing the challenge of having to work and care for a disabled family member, Claudia needed to create a company she could run from home. That need, coupled with a passion for helping people become prepared and protected, led to the founding of Emergency Go Bags. “I was surprised by how few people were ready for emergencies and disasters,” says Claudia. “I felt the strong need to help people become prepared, so I decided to supply the products and information they need.”

People have always called Claudia’s values, “old-fashioned,” and she’s proud of that. Additionally, Claudia has a long history of giving back by helping active duty service members, veterans, and their families. It’s a deeply held value she learned from her father, Jack, a WWII hero. She donates a portion of all profits from Emergency Go Bags to the Pawz For Wounded Veterans Program, which donates specially trained Service Dogs to Disabled Veterans.


Claudia and Emergency Go Bags are committed to prompt service and providing high quality merchandise at competitive prices (not to mention unique items that you may not find at your local store). Whether you need a single kit, one for every family or one for thousands of employees, Emergency Go is here to help you get prepared!