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Our Story

“We took an idea and ran with it—we were passionate about it and we made something happen. That’s what being an American entrepreneur is all about.”

Pam and Dave Barret started creating Constitution Quest to increase Constitutional literacy in America and dismiss the notion that the Constitution is a dusty old document that is no longer relevant.


“Our passion for the Constitution has grown over the years,” states Pam.

“We’ve been at this since early 2010 when we started writing questions, and once they saw it, people went crazy for the concept!” Pam and Dave know Constitution Quest is a great way to discover that the genius of the Constitution is how remarkably accessible it is to the average person.

“Because of what we know about how people learn, we know that you learn 95% of what you teach someone else,” says Pam and Dave.

“An element of our game is that you read questions out loud, you collaborate with a partner, and if the answer’s incorrect, there’s an answer key and immediate feedback for the answers."

"People learn whether they get the answer right or wrong!”

"In addition to a fantastic learning tool that’s also just a great way for families to spend quality time together, Constitution Quest was designed to be a striking, functional piece of art that is 100% made in the U.S.A."

“We wanted the game to be beautiful, and Constitution Quest had to be made in America,” proudly states Pam.