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Coconut Rain

Coconut Rain
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“Our whole mission is to bring people back to the basics…how they were meant to be—chemical free.”

Coconut Rain is an all natural laundry soap produced locally in Jenison Michigan, and all the products will clean better than anything you've tried, naturally! Coconut Rain’s owner is living proof of what can be done with a little inspiration and a lot of hard work. As a mother of five, Lynsi O’Dell suddenly went from running a day care to caring full time for her sick husband. What started out as making laundry soap just for fun (and for her family) soon became a business opportunity. Since all of her kids suffer from eczema and sensitive skin and Coconut Rain worked so perfectly for them, she thought her unique formula could help a lot of other families out as well.


“We’re a pretty hands-on family,” says Lynsi, “so I started with a pretty basic recipe."

"I just kept tweaking it and tweaking and tweaking it for about a year until it became natural and effective."

"It was important to me to have something natural that worked well.” Lynsi’s patented formula is gentle for the skin, yet still very cost effective: Instead of using cups of detergent, how about tablespoons? Once you use Coconut Rain, you’ll wonder why it took this long to catch on to an idea this good, and you’ll never go back!