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The ideal bold coffee collection. All the rich, full, and slow roasted flavor of Mavericks bold favorites assembled into one convenient pack. Makes a great gift too!

Contains three (1) lb bags of “Grade 1” specialty Mavericks Coffee.

Midnight Ride:  This is Mavericks' best selling, most requested, and most famous coffee. The Midnight Ride is ideally balanced signature blend containing a rich full flavor with a very smooth and pleasant finish. An absolute delight and enjoyed by our customers throughout the United States. If you try one coffee from Mavericks this is the one.

Dark French: Mavericks' boldest coffee. A rich and dark full flavor coffee. A very smooth french roast. This is one of the coffees that Mavericks on the map. Dripping with natural coffees oils.

Sumatra:  A classic Indonesian coffee. The Mandheling is the Sumatra's most distinguished varietal. Extra large bean screen 17/18 is full of robust, rich, dark flavor. This bean is dripping with natural coffee oils and is a real treat to enjoy.

"Possibly the World's Best Coffee"

  • Committed to Quality and Freshness
  • Slow Roasted Daily
  • Grade 1 (Top 3%) & Screen Size 17/18 (large size)
  • 100% High Grown Arabica
  • Arrives freshly roasted to your door within 48-72 hours anywhere in the U.S. (Some restrictions may apply.)